Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sorry I have been away!!!! But I am back with good news!!!!!!

So the last couple weeks have been CRAZY!!!! Aside from the usual chaos of having 4 small kids and a husband who seems to be constantly at work...we had some shall we say bonus challenges this past few weeks.   To put it in a nutshell... brand new broken glasses , broken teeth, almost broken foot ( who knew you have to special order in crutches for little ones)  a may be deaf in one ear diagnosis...a definitely you infant will need to have glasses and patch like there brother and sister diagnosis...... added to an influx of mommy migraines...and the truck broke down........needless to say it all happened at once. Nothing we cant handle but would have preferred some breathing room in between....but who wouldn't.  And yes even though it is one nightmare after another and I grumble about it ...I still feel very blessed that it isn't worse.... There are so many that have so much worse to deal with in their lives.  Appreciate the little things in life matter how insignificant they may seem to others. If they mean something to you that is all that matters!

And speaking of which....... to most around me (outside of the crafty world) it means nothing but to me its enough to brighten my day and find purpose and strength for the next day to come. I don't nearly enough time to spend doing this as I would love. But my kids come first....I will however say screw it to cleaning for a couple hours in order to take some needed "me time" I mean it is going to be a mess in a couple hours again anyway right... Recognition like this doesn't necessarily come with a "prize" other than my fabulous blinky.... BUT It means I am not crackpot crazy and that my work may actually be good ..... anyway  I MADE TOP 3 for the month of April over at Kit and Clowder.   It was for my Some Odd Girl Card " Puddle Hopping Tia"... this is actually the first Some Odd Girl Image I ever colored. In case you forgot here is my card....( the award blinky is to your right....) . And you may notice on this card  I have a new watermark.....YIPPPPEEEEEE the super talented Nikki designed one for me. You  can get your own by clicking on the watermark link on the right hand column  and contacting Nikki yourself.  In case its hard to see on the image I have posted a picture of it as well...Don't you just love my button tree!!!!! Also here is a link to my original post about my Some Odd Girl Card in case you missed out on the details on how I made it !   Happy Crafting ...I will be back with a Layout later...and stay tuned for some Crafty Candy giveaways coming soon.......

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